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Research Opportunities

June 20, 2019


There is an opening the lab for a PhD student. The studentship is in association with the Wellcome Trust Interdisciplinary PhD Programme here at the ISMB. The position is for 3.5 years of studentship in my lab starting this fall/winter. Research will generally be in the area of understanding and engineering bacterial secretion systems in the context of multi-species microbial communities, but the exact project can be tailored to the students interest. Prospective students should send an email to b.ho@ucl.ac.uk with a statement of your research interests and background as well as a CV.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about the programme or for more information on potential research projects.




Principle Investigator

I am a Group Leader and Lecturer in Bacteriology and at the ISMB, a joint institute between University College London and Birkbeck.

I began my research training as an undergraduate researcher in the laboratory of Nancy Kleckner at Harvard University, where I used time-lapse fluorescence microscopy to study dynamic intracellular bacterial systems and structures. As a graduate student in the laboratory of John Mekalanos at Harvard Medical School, I combined my microscopy expertise with the power of genetic approaches to mechanistically probe the structure and function of the bacterial type 6 secretion system. Continuing as a postdoc, my research has focused on studying inter-bacterial interactions within the context of complex microbial communities in vivo with an eye toward the development of biotechnological applications of bacterial secretion systems.